About Last Night

By Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings

Never marry your bartender

“What if I never asked you to have a drink with me? What if I kept coming in here, ignoring you and never knowing how great we could be?”

Nyla Deng has been slinging drinks in Paradise, Taipei’s foremost nightclub, long enough to know the two main rules. The first is to always give patrons the best customer service in town.

The second?

Don’t. Fraternize.

Simple enough for Nyla, who prefers to date “normal” girls instead of the clueless heiresses and cynical businesswomen who blow off steam in Paradise. Yet when has a drink with Terry Tsao, one of Shanghai’s most wayward heiresses, she quickly loses control and wakes up in Terry’s bed. With a piece of paper that refuses to let this stay a simple one-night stand.

“I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted until I woke up in your bed.”

Terry has no time to deal with the potential scandal that might arise from eloping with a nobody bartender. Just as she’s about to sweep it under the rug, however, her wealthy family show their hands in the game of controlling her fate.

This isn’t going away. Nyla isn’t going away. Terry has to decide her fate, now, before the ever-extending arms of her mother and the pressures of her social sphere slap her for the final time.

Except she has no idea what she really wants. Besides freedom. And love.

“I never wanted to be married. Yet here we are.”

Terry’s rut with love and life collides with Nyla’s inability to let go of her previous relationship. As the two of them field their nosy families, social relationships, and the latent desires they’ve never shared with anyone else, one thing slowly reveals itself:

Maybe what happened that night wasn’t a mistake.

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