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Adventure / Survival
Against All Odds
Danger / In Peril / On the Run
Dual Timeline (Past and Present)
Election / Campaign Trail
Forced Proximity / Stranded Together
Grumpy / Sunshine
Hiking / Mountain Climbing / Outdoor Sport
Ice Queen
Kidnapping / Disappearance
Living Abroad / Expat
Mature Lead 40+
Misfit / Socially Awkward
Murder / Crime / Serial Killer
Mystery / Suspense
Nursed Back to Health
Opposites Attract
Paranormal Encounters
Quest / Treasure Hunt
Quirky Characters
Road Trip
Saving the World
Secret Society
Supernatural Elements
Vacation / Travel
Wounded / Illness
Heat Level:
Medium (sex scenes are included and may use mildly graphic description)
Adventurer / Explorer / World Traveler
Bodyguard / Bouncer / Security
Computers / IT / Hacker
Law Enforcement
Office Worker / Assistant / Temp
Politician / Diplomat
Psychic / Medium
Reporter / Journalist
Shamam / Healer
Soldier / Warrior
Spy / Assassin
STEM Profession / Scientist
Translator / Interpreter
Writer/ Author
Geographic Location:
Continental Europe
Middle East
United States: South
Ocean / Sea
Airplane / Train
Big City / Urban
Boat / Cruise Ship
Corporation / Office / Workplace
Courtroom / Courthouse
Foreign Country
Hospital / Medical / Treatment Facility
Investigation / Stakeout
Military Base
On the Road / Tour
Seaside / Beach
War Zone / Battlefield
Wilderness / Outback
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Butch / Stud
Protagonist Identity:
Biracial / Multiracial
Latinx / Hispanic
Middle Eastern
Native American / Indigenous Person / First Nations

Above Reproach

The Mission: Classified Series, Book 2

By Lynn Ames

A heart-pounding race to save the world and uncover a vast government conspiracy.

Sedona Ramos is a dedicated public servant. Fluent in three languages, with looks that allow her to pass for Hispanic, Native American, or Middle Eastern, she is a valuable asset to the super-secret National Security Agency. When she accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious series of satellite images revealing activity at a shuttered nuclear facility in war-torn Iraq, somebody wants her dead.

With danger lurking at every turn and not knowing who among her colleagues might be involved, Sedona risks her life to get the information to the one person she can trust-the president.

The implications of Sedona’s discovery are clear and quite possibly catastrophic. Potential suspects include foreign terrorists, high-ranking Cabinet members, and assorted others. Whomever the president picks for this mission must be above reproach.

Vaughn Elliott is enjoying her self-imposed isolation on a remote island, content to live in quiet anonymity. But when old friend Katherine Kyle brings an urgent SOS from the president of the United States, duty trumps comfort.

Time is of the essence. Vaughn, Sedona, and a hand-picked team of ex-operatives and specialists must figure out what’s really going on outside Baghdad, stop it, and unmask the forces behind the plot. If they fail at any point along the way, it could mean the loss of millions of lives.

Will Vaughn and company unravel the mysteries in time? The trail of clues stretches from the Middle East to Washington. The list of people who want to kill them is long. And the stakes have never been higher…

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