Adira’s Omega

By Sullyn Shaw

I never expected to find my Omega, not in this world we had created, but when her lot came up, I knew she would be mine forever…

Omegas were useful for nothing but breeding and status. Betas were simply there to make our lives easier but were sold just as easily. Alphas, like myself, were the ones who ruled the world and demanded obedience.

That’s the society our ancestors created for us. The one where I found Nyla at an auction, cowering and broken, like the Omega she was. Then I claimed her as my true mate.

Would Nyla kneel before me like a good little Omega, or would she break beneath me, showing the world their opinions of her worth were truer than she ever knew?

This is a dark, FF, omegaverse novella. All CW’s can be found at


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