Against All Odds

By Cara Malone

How far will they go to say ‘I do’ when the whole world is against them?

The pessimistic side of Sage thought she’d never find The One. A butch woman in a small town with mental health issues and introverted hobbies, the odds were against her.

Then she met Rosalie.

Rosalie, who gives her side-stitches every time they talk. Rosalie, who wanted to tour the inside of a life-size blue whale exhibit on their third date. Rosalie, who enthusiastically educated herself on Sage’s condition when Sage confided in her about it.

So Sage proposed – luckiest woman in the world, right?

Only now people are coming out of the woodwork to tell them how wrong this is. From Sage’s overbearing mom to Rosalie’s mysteriously absent dad and even the wedding planner – they have a hundred reasons to stop this wedding.

Sage just needs one reason to go through with it.


But will she have her?

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