All Good Plans

The Boston Series, Book 3

By Nicole Pyland

Two police officers work on a case that nearly got one of them killed while they discover love along the way.

Tessa Sherman had just been dumped by yet another woman who didn’t understand what it was like to have a calling. Being a cop wasn’t just a job to her; it was a part of who Tessa was as a person. And if she had it her way, she would do it for the rest of her life. Tessa only wished she could find a girlfriend that wouldn’t mind having a partner that could get called away on a case at any moment, and that understood how important being a detective was to her.

Cassie Fuller has been living on Cape Cod, working as a detective in a small town for years, while the sleepy hamlet has hardly had any crime beyond the random vandals or drunk tourists acting out in the summer months. When a string of high-profile robberies means Cassie gets shot in the line of duty, she’s forced to go on leave from the one thing she loves most in the world: her career.

When Tessa gets asked to take Cassie’s statement about what had happened during the shooting, the two women recognize something in each other that goes way beyond colleagues working on a task force together, trying to find the gang responsible for the robberies and Cassie getting shot. They each crave that one special woman who can understand this very important piece of who they are.

Will they find that in each other?

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