Always Human

The Always Human Series, Book 1

By Ari North

Always Human is a beautifully drawn, sapphic graphic novel about a developing relationship between two young women in a near-future, soft sci-fi setting.

First serialized on the popular app and website WebToon, Always Human amassed over 51 million views and nearly 700,000 subscribers. Now, for the first time, this incredible story has been reformatted for a print edition! Along with the sequel Love and Gravity, get ready to fall in love with this ground-breaking story of support and romance.

In the near-future, people use technology to give the illusion of all kinds of body modifications-but some people have “Egan’s Syndrome,” a highly sensitive immune system that rejects these “mods” and are unable to use them. Those who are affected maintain a “natural” appearance, reliant on cosmetics and hair dye at most to help them play with their looks.

Sunati is attracted to Austen the first time she sees her and is drawn to what she assumes is Austen’s bravery and confidence to live life unmodded. When Sunati learns the truth, she’s still attracted to Austen and asks her on a date. Gradually, their relationship unfolds as they deal with friends, family, and the emotional conflicts that come with every romance. Together, they will learn and grow in a story that reminds us no matter how technology evolves, we will remain . . . always human.

Rendered in beautiful detail and an extraordinary color palette, Always Human is a sweet love story told in a gentle sci-fi setting by a queer woman cartoonist, Ari North.

Published in partnership with media advocacy organization GLAAD, this empowering book positively represents LGBTQ families.

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