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Trigger/Content Warning:
mentions of rape, affair

Amid Secrets

The Falling Castle Series, Book 3

By Stacy Lynn Miller

Some secrets are meant to be told. Some never should.

The four years since William Castle’s death have been a roller coaster ride for Alex Castle and Tyler Falling. In the beginning, they soared as life partners and business owners. Then the worldwide economy crashed, and so did their idyllic life. Alex has spent every waking hour since to keep Castle Resorts afloat, letting her relationship with Tyler take a backseat.

Just when Alex and Tyler commit to getting back on track, decades-old dark secrets surrounding a scandalous affair, rape, abandonment, and confidential adoptions come to light. Someone in the Castle family’s past with a deep grudge holds the oldest secret of them all and intends on exacting revenge.

The tsunami of secrets converges and threatens to tear apart their families and tear down the businesses of every Castle child. No one close to Alex and Tyler is left untouched. Can Alex and Tyler pull each other through? Will their love be enough to keep everything they’d built from coming undone?

Book three in the Falling Castles Series.

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