An Island For Two

By Ophelia Silk

Two women, one island.

What Dela Longoria wants, Dela Longoria will have.

At the moment, the high-class elf wants to build a massive party mansion on the little island in her private lake. She won’t be put off by the mysterious orc woman threatening her project. But when Dela is stranded on the island during a storm, she discovers the mysterious orc is not just threatening, but a threateningly attractive, reclusive farmer, committed to living alone with the natural land. She’s also one of its prior owners, and she won’t let her treasured island sanctuary to be bulldozed over for a party mansion without a fight.

What Dela wants, though, Dela is still determined to have.

She makes a deal with the orc: for one week, she’ll let the woman show her the wonders of the island’s untouched wilderness. There’s no harm in that; no chance Dela will actually change her mind about her party mansion. But as Dela doubts her own desires for the first time, she realizes her longing for a party mansion might be covering up an emptiness that more revelry can’t fill.

A specific someone, though—someone dedicated, levelheaded, and handsome—might be the very thing she does need, if she can only break through the woman’s stubborn determination that the world beyond is a menace and prove that two people really can make an island a home.

This soft and witty novella follows a grumpy/sunshine enemies-to-lovers F/F sweat romance between a flirty asexual elf millionaire and a sensible butch orc farmer who has been hurt one too many times before. It includes discussions of parental death and cancer, near-drowning, and one very annoyed lake monster.

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