An Unlikely Partnership

By Katie Trapp

A tale of magic, murder, and accidental romance.

Rue Lovelace was not accustomed to change. She enjoyed her mundane life. So, when her mentor abruptly skips town leaving her in his place as Head Custos witch and new owner of a mystery ring, she doesn’t handle it the best, especially when she finds out part of her new role is to assist the police with Other-world issues. If it got out that she was working with the cops, her family business would be ruined.

An uptick in Other-world crime has workaholic Detective Niko Moscato running on empty, or at least that’s what she’s telling herself. When a man is murdered, her whole world flips upside down upon meeting the sassy witch currently in the Head Custos position. She’s met with a wall of ice that doesn’t help the case. And neither do the new feelings fluttering in her chest.

Both women struggle to navigate the new partnership while keeping a few secrets hidden away. But when the murders start getting a little too close to home, they have to begin doing something neither is good at- relying on each other. The pressure is on to solve the case quickly before anyone else is killed. Or their partnership implodes. Either way, it’s going to get messy before it’s all over.

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