The Royalty Series, Book 2

By Nicole Pyland

Elin, a Princess who was never meant to be Queen, unexpectedly sits on the throne, and her private secretary, Ingrid, has no idea that Elin has been in love with her for years.

Elin, the Princess of Norway, never planned to become the country’s Queen – her twin brother, older by minutes, would be the next King. When her father decided to retire, and her brother abdicated to continue his career in the military service, Elin was thrust into being not only the next in line, but the new Queen.

Ingrid, the Princess’s Private Secretary, was happy for her sometimes nervous and often klutzy Princess ascending to the throne, but because of her lack of seniority, she was disappointed to find out she won’t be Elin’s secretary any longer. When the new Queen moves mountains to keep Ingrid on her staff, Ingrid begins to wonder why she’d do that.

The new Queen’s crush is close to being revealed, and the Secretary, who’s always been professional, cannot take her eyes off of the woman she’s worked with for years. While it might seem impossible, Ingrid also can’t stop thinking about the possibility of more with the woman who will now be Queen of Norway.

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