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The Boston Series, Book 4

By Nicole Pyland

A player finds meaning in things she never thought she would again, when she meets a woman on a mission to never forget the past.

Lauren Newton had a mission, and that mission was the most important thing in her life. It was giving her purpose. She’d been searching for that purpose for as long as she could remember, and she was finally on that path, enjoying her life, when a well-timed break in her mission to save up the money to continue the job, led her to a woman she never thought she’d have anything in common with.

For the past few years, Jamie Todd had been going through her life on fumes and poor decisions. She’d been blessed with enough money to be able to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to, and that included her love life – or, at least, her sex life. While home in Boston, she sees a beautiful woman standing in front of a monument to a past tragedy and takes the chance to strike up a conversation.

Lauren is a woman with purpose. Jamie is a woman who hasn’t had one of those and doesn’t know how to act when one is thrust upon her. Both women will have to learn and teach the other as they grow together, if that’s something both of them are willing to try.

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