Arrival of the Birds

By Michelle Arnold

If you were rejected by the person who should love you most, will you ever be able to find real love?

Abandoned by her mother as a small child, Allie has spent her life trying not to disappoint anyone. She expects little out of relationships, and even in her thirties remains deep in the closet for fear coming out would drive her loved ones away. She spends her time surrounded by books, the only kind of solace that has never let her down. Her friend Josie, a spontaneous, fun-loving college professor, seems determined to defy Allie’s low expectations in life. She persists in finding new ways to brighten Allie’s life and reassure her she will always be there, no matter what. Allie can’t help falling for her, but she’s certain Josie would never feel the same way. When Allie’s mother suddenly turns back up, Allie wants to believe it’s an attempt to rekindle their relationship and finally heal her childhood trauma, but Josie suspects there is more to the unexpected contact. Nevertheless, when Allie agrees to make an enormous sacrifice for her mother, Josie promises to see her through it. Allie finds old wounds reopened as she faces the draining ordeal, but with Josie steadfastly by her side, she begins to wonder if perhaps it is time to come out and try to mend her broken heart.

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