Assassination Authorized

By Erin Ward

A wonderfully twisted plot with government super agents, oddly talented assassins, talented surgeons, and a plot to over throw the Federal Government.

For five years Special Agent Jericho Parker has hidden in the shadows watching psychiatrist Mecca Storm, keeping her safe, removing obstacles in her path and silently falling in love with her but Mecca doesn’t even know Jericho exists.

Jane Doe is brought into the emergency room so badly beaten she is unrecognizable and doesn’t know her own name. Surgeon Kadence Pride vows to restore the petite woman to her former beauty. Follow these two couples on a two-year journey as they discover each other while trying to avoid terrorists who have sworn to avenge a brother’s death by taking the lives of the women. Beautiful women, fast-paced action and non-stop adventure make “Assassination Authorized” a must read in lesbian fiction. LGBT mystery at its best.

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