Astrid Inside/Out

By Louise McBain

Astrid Inside/Out tells the story of a woman’s journey to find her true self on the way to her happily ever after.

After breaking her nose apprehending a shoplifter, nature blogger Astrid Dibello finds her world turned upside down when plastic surgery fixes the break but makes her look nearly identical to her older sister, Claire. Claire has always been the pretty one, while Astrid is the “smart” sister with the infamous Dibello nose. But who is the woman in the mirror now? Not even Astrid’s family seem sure.

When Astrid’s girlfriend accuses her of joining the “plastic culture” and dumps her, Astrid escapes to the solitude of the woods where she runs into former high school enigma, Simone. In the quiet beauty of nature, Astrid and Simone connect and their easy friendship turns to a tender romance. But when high school love letters Simone wrote to Claire resurface, Astrid wonders if Simone loves Astrid for who she is, or just because she now looks like her older sister? If Astrid wants the truth, she’ll need to closely examine who she is—both inside and out.


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