The Royalty Series, Book 4

By Nicole Pyland

A future Queen meets the best friend of another Queen and can't stop thinking about her possibly being her future Queen Consort one day.

Alexandria – or Alex, as she preferred to be called – would one day be the next Queen of the United Kingdom. She would also be the first out lesbian who would take that title. Born before her younger, more accomplished brother, she’d always wondered if her parents would have preferred he’d been born first so that it would be him up next and she could fall to next-in-line after his children and never rule. When she first met the best friend of the Queen of Kleinland, she was smitten. Meeting her again and again at various events and gatherings had Alex more than smitten and wishing the woman would give her the time of day.

Bexley Woods earned her Ph. D in speech pathology and was asked by her best friend, now Queen of Kleinland, to bring speech therapy to the small country after the events of the two recent wars. Bexley moved temporarily, with the intention of building a program, and found herself with the future Queen of England there to help. Both inconvenient and interesting, Bexley wasn’t sure why the Princess was there. But, in time, she realized that the woman she thought Alex was couldn’t be further from the truth.

Finding time together and figuring out their feelings was easy when they were both in the same place at the same time. But with a domineering mother in the picture, who wanted what was best for her Princess daughter, and the need for Bexley to go home to care for a sick grandparent, the reality of their situation came to light sooner than both women would have preferred.

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