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The Cove on the Road Series, Book 1

By Addison Clarke

It’s never too late for a second chance.

On June 14, 2014, the band Maine Event performed their last show together.

Ten years later, the band is trying to get back together for a reunion tour.

Skylar Ford never planned on touring with Maine Event ever again. The band was in the past and her present was running the local record store with her dad in Moonflower Cove, Maine. She doesn’t want to relive the memories from the last tour and the beautiful woman she walked away from. Instead, she would prefer the past to stay in the past.

However, there’s one person who could get Skylar to do anything.

Elena Cruz needs the reunion tour to happen. After the band broke up, she went from performing sold out arenas to playing in run down bars. She knows she’s made for more, she just needs to make a plan to get Skylar to agree to join the tour.

But what Elena didn’t plan on was falling back in love with Skylar.

As rehearsals fade into the tour, Elena and Skylar find themselves back in all too familiar territory. But things are different this time around; they’re no longer kids in love but adults. Will this time around be different? Or will they face the same ending as the last time?

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