Bastet’s Daughters: Exploration

The Acinonyx Series, Book 3

By Scott Kujawa

The crew of the Acinonyx explore space after magic returns.

The crew of the Acinonyx left Earth to explore space. What adventures will they find?

Captain Chloe leads the crew. She’s the one everyone relies upon. When the Acinonyx reveals she learned of the dragon’s home world, it’s Captain Chloe who visits it and interacts with the skeletal dragon who once ruled the empire they had before magic weakened.

Harperia is the leader of the soldiers aboard the Acinonyx. She learns Eris wants her to mutiny and take over the ship. Her redemption isn’t what she planned, but it changes her role among the crew. The changes give her the peace she never expected.

Sabrina is the leader of the doctors aboard the ship. She keeps the crew of the Acinonyx from dying from the injuries they have as the crew explores the space station. Her relationship with Captain Chloe grows as she finds her place aboard the ship.

Book three of Acinonyx contains: F/F relationships, a spaceship, a ghost dragon, a ruined planet, a skeletal dragon, and adventures beyond our solar system.

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