By Serena J. Bishop

Four people. Two fake marriages. One epic love story.

Roni loves Gina.
Gina loves Roni.
Problem: Gina’s married to Early.
Solution: Roni marries Early’s secret boyfriend, Steven.

It’s the 1990s and Roni, Gina, Early, and Steven decide the most logical way their chosen family can live happily ever after is through a dual marriage arrangement. They buy a large home, live in harmony, and become the supportive family none of them ever had. It’s everything they could have dreamed…until life happened.

Relatives. Children. Careers. And, through the next two decades, a society that gradually starts to become more accepting of homosexuality.

How does a family based in secrecy stay together when the freedom to be who they really are is at their fingertips? Can they even stay together?

Beards is a high-angst dramedy about chosen family.

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