Best Friends’ Promise

The Blood and Shadows Series, Book 1

By Issy Waldrom and Mackenzie Sutton

A promise made years ago leads to Miyako throwing herself into the world of vampires.

“What are best friends for, after all?”
“Getting us turned into vampires.”

Best Friends are forever, are they not? Time spent together, bonds formed, promises made. No matter how fantastical they might seem, how far-fetched. But friendships can change as time takes its toll, and people change.

Miyako might be a bit lost in life. She’s come out as trans, is studying in the hopes of doing something with her life, and perhaps wishing that things could be different. But Luna is still her best friend, and when she gets invited to go to a concert with her, to see Luna’s favourite band and crush, what she doesn’t expect is the offer to be turned into a vampire alongside Luna, because she wants her there with her. Of course, there is no way that she was ever going to refuse.

Decisions, made on impulse or not, have their consequences. Especially when it means that she’s thrown herself into a hidden aspect of society. Sure, she might have the body she’d only been able to dream about, but now she’s involved with a wider group of people, has to prove herself to her family, and there is darkness at the edges. And why does she have to have feelings for that one hot vampire who was an absolute bitch to her. Even if she is exactly her type, and perhaps there might be more to it all.

A trans, sapphic, new adult vampire romance about the strength of friendship and family, of throwing yourself into something blindly, and of love and all that it comes with.

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