Better Late Than Forever

The Never Say Forever Series, Book 1

By Shelley Tan

At 40 years old, Principal Sofia Clark had always been straight, or at least she had thought so. But that was before she met Superintendent Katrina Anderson…

Sofia Clark was newly divorced and looking to restart her life. Having spent summers on beautiful Balboa Island as a young girl and teenager, the magic that she felt as a child about Balboa Island had never left her, even after all these years. Now that her kids were grown and she found herself unexpectedly single, it dawned on her that she was free to move back to the place she had loved as a child, an opportunity that she never imagined she’d have. She quit her job as a principal in northern California and moved to Balboa Island to restart her life in the most magical and happiest place she had ever known. Once on the island, things went very smoothly for her until her heart led her to somewhere new, to a place she’d never even considered, until now.

Katrina Anderson was the superintendent, and Sofia’s boss in her new position as the principal of Harbor Street Elementary. At 50 years old, Sofia had never been attracted to women. So what was it about Kat that suddenly drew Sofia to her? What were these unprecedented thoughts that she found herself pondering about Kat? Her children thought it was some sort of midlife crisis. Sofia wasn’t sure. The only thing that she knew was that life was too short. Sofia felt compelled to risk everything in order to find out.

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