Beyond the Checkpoint

By Addison M. Conley

Beyond the Checkpoint is a combination of military action, suspense, and romance.

In 2008, Intelligence officer Ali Clairmont joined her agency’s deployment program. She’s openly gay because it’s not a punishment in the federal workforce. Air Force Major and NSA SIGINT officer Lynn Stewart is deep in the closet because DADT is still in effect.

Over ten years, they cross paths three times – twice in Afghanistan and finally at home. In 2008, they attempted to keep everything professional, but add a little coffee and close quarters and the attraction ignites. In 2010, a spy is selling secrets. Lynn is brought into the investigation, but once again, mission above all else takes a toll.

As the years go by, neither can forget the other. Ali isn’t happy when Lynn walks into her life again as her new civilian supervisor in 2017. Then Ali’s cousin arranges for a part-time handywoman to help with home renovations. When Lynn shows up, the fireworks go off. Eventually, the ice begins to melt. But is it too late for love? Is a cordial friendship all they can hope for?

Spoiler and Trigger warning: Two-thirds of this book is set in Afghanistan. War is not a light topic. The book touches on—but does not dwell on—PTSD, death, and the character’s weaknesses. Lynn and Ali make it through to a happily-ever-after, but it’s a bit of a bumpy road. If you are a reader that prefers happy/sunshine novels from beginning to end, then this is likely not the book for you.

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