Black Cherry

By L. M. Bennett

Indulge your sweet tooth with these poems and stories.

What would it take to indulge your deepest fantasy…?

Perhaps, a mix of poetry and prose that is at turns sweet and wickedly divine?

L.M. Bennett’s snarky short, “Regards, My Dear,” introduces Thayer, who meets the awkward Wil, and despite an immediate connection that rattles them both, their attraction remains unspoken. In Sandra Hamlin’s humorous narrative of unexpected love in “Warm Velvet,” she presents with two women meeting and questioning their compatibility only to realize that opposites might attract after all. Literary Stud spins a hilarious tale of a couple’s rendezvous denied, again, again and again in “Anticipation.” “Just Married,” by Abernathy Ross, features Gio and Adele, a couple celebrating their honeymoon in a unique location as they push each other to feverish heights.

These short stories are only the tip of the cherry that explores the unique ways women are intimate with each other. Black Cherry dives into conventional and unconventional relationships with a perfect balance of romance and eroticism.

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