By Kate Hershberger

A woman on the run, a sheriff with a secret...

Joseph McNiff has lived a life unlike any other.

Being half Irish and half Blackfoot is not easy for a young man in the old west. He has a place in both the white man’s world and the native tribe, but he’s never really fit into either. It’s even more complicated as he is really a woman and trying to keep the town safe as it’s sheriff. The last thing Joe needs is to make his life any harder than it already is.

When a beautiful woman with a mysterious past comes into his life, Joe finds himself opening his home and quite possibly his heart to the newcomer. But he also has to tread carefully, making sure that he doesn’t reveal too much and risk putting himself in danger.

Cassandra Gibson has lived a very sheltered life.

Growing up with her abusive father, she was sure the only way she would ever get out of his house would be if she married or when he died. After a really bad morning, Cassie finds herself running away from the only life she’s ever known hoping to find a town where she can start fresh. She remembers a town her father once spoke about, to the north. A town with no church and no sense, according to him.

It sounds perfect.

Blackpoint is a town full of people just trying to live their lives in the best way possible. Many people have settled there and succeeded in finding peace. Hopefully, Joe and Cassie will be able to as well.

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