Blood, Oil, and Tears

The Earth Y4K Series, Book 1

By L. Fergus

To save her daughter from mutilation and slavers, Kimmy will have to survive the war at home and save her partner..

A far-future dystopian giant mecha fighting robot saga spanning the galaxy.

Kimmy is willing to start a galactic war to destroy the Aven Federation and save her kidnapped daughter.
In the oppressive far future, war is fought with giant robots and rages across the stars as vast governments and corporations vie for control of resources—including people.

Kimmy’s problem is not the lack of will but resources. Her rag-tag mercenary company has one assault ship and a handful of light and medium mechs. She’ll need much more if she’s going to take on Aven and take any job to get the mechs she needs. But in a dystopian galaxy dominated by powerful and greedy governments and corporations, it will be challenging–probably impossible–to find help.

On a contract to protect an ice crystal mine from a group of raiders, a prisoner offers a deal, parole for a treasure map. Kimmy, with no options, elects to follow the map with promises of a long-dead empire’s awesome technology they used to dominate the galaxy. Her problem, she’s not the only one looking.

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