Bodies in Motion

The Lesbian Light Reads Series, Book 4

By Elizabeth Andre

How often does a woman get to rewrite her past and stake a claim to her future in one fell swoop?

Gorgeous Shondra Frazier gets that chance. It all starts at the “40 Under 40” reception for high achievers under the age of 40. Even though she really doesn’t want the attention, she is honored because she is the first African American woman to be named manager of one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

At the reception she unexpectedly reunites with her still beautiful college ex-girlfriend who broke Shondra’s heart many years ago. Lynette Johnson is a former cheerleader who can still make male and female heads turn. As Lynette walks away promising to be in touch soon, Shondra spots Denyse Gabriel, one of the few African American female PhD physicists in the world and a fellow “40 Under 40” honoree. Shondra realizes attention from Denyse, with her long black hair and high collar tweed jacket, is what she wants. This beautiful scientist, however, is heading to a months-long project in Antarctica, but Lynette is sticking around and is more than willing to keep her company. Shondra has to decide whether she will stay safe and start up again with her long lost college love or if she will wait for Denyse to return. Shondra can’t stop thinking about Denyse, but Shondra isn’t even that sure, after only one night of passion, whether the sexy physicist will want to see her when she comes back from the ice.

Bodies in Motion is the fourth book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book can stand alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

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