Bring Her Home

The Wolves of Black Water Valley Series, Book 1

By R. N. Barbosa

Forbidden love…

If Susana’s sister knew she was dating, she’d sequester her ass to the tallest tower so fast her head would spin. Her boyfriend is everything Cassandra hates, an Outcast and a biker, and it’s only a matter of time before their clandestine rendezvous blows up in her face.

A missing sister…

Fighting professionally might be Cassandra Dayan’s livelihood, but it’s her sister that’s her life. When she comes home to a wrecked house and a missing sister, her desperate search upsets the brutally maintained balance of the North Californian coast.

At any cost…

Going against the Order is a death sentence, but doing nothing is not an option. Cassandra will find her sister even if it means endangering the lives of everyone who crosses her path or joins her cause. She doesn’t care who gets hurt or what promises get broken.

All that matters is bringing her sister home.

“Bring Her Home” is a Queer, Dark Urban Fantasy with a Sapphic Romance, Wolf Shifters, Vampires, Nephilim, and Magic.

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