Broken to Belong

By Charity Muse

Can we find or create belonging where we least expect it?

For singer/songwriter Dani Williams, music has always carried her – until now. No longer able to ignore her pain, Dani travels south to volunteer at a safe home for LGBTQ+ youth. While there, she meets Mae, an advisor to the residents whose warmth is contrasted by guardedness and uncertainty. Dani and Mae form a special bond which blossoms into love.

But more than their relationship becomes threatened when an attack is launched against the home, endangering its existence. To help save the home and the authentic love she yearns for, Dani must face heartbreak from her past and use her talents to confront the same prejudice that wounded her. As the strength of their bond is tested, Dani has the choice to walk away and lose everything or stay and redefine love, family, and spirit.

Broken to Belong explores what it means to fight for one another and dares to ask – can we find or create belonging where we least expect it?

This debut women’s fiction novel includes the following elements:

  • Southern
  • LGBTQ+
  • Lesbian Romance
  • Found Family
  • Spiritual Questioning
  • Finding Belonging
  • Positive Queer Representation

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