Bus Stop at The Last Chance

The Loni Wagner Crime Fiction Series, Book 2

By Sue Hardesty

For such a small town problems are not just big, they are massive.

“Humor in mystery novels makes me happy, and Sue Hardesty has included plenty of wacky characters along with the serious ones. Like Hardesty’s other books, you can read this novel for fun AND for suspense.”
~Jessie Chandler, author of the Shay O’Hanlon Caper Series

When Loni Wagner transfers from Highway Patrol to serve as an officer in the small town of Caliente, events there are just as strange and at times as dangerous as in her former job. Dealing with a loss in her family, a new hire at work, and an old, previously solved case that became unsolved keeps her on edge. But it’s a murder charge against Manny Sanchez, the brother of her on-again/off-again girlfriend, Lola, that is most troubling. Loni’s problems keep multiplying, especially when she’s sent out into the Arizona desert to look for illegal drugs in all the wrong places. Will Loni survive the craziness—or lose her life in the process?

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