The Birds and Butterflies Series, Book 2

By Frances M. Thompson

I've been falling for her for over a year... Is it finally time for her to be mine?


They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And when the woman you’re trying to get over is the biggest f*ck girl out there, this needs to happen, like, yesterday. So that’s my plan. And Radia, my friendly and funny regular customer, is my target. I’m pretty sure she’s been flirting with me for nearly a year so this plan should be foolproof.
Except, it isn’t. Because after our first date, the only move Radia makes is to leave a kiss on my hand and one hundred questions in my mind. Like, why didn’t she want to go home with me? What will happen if we go on a second date? And most worryingly, if this is going to be more than sex, where are the butterflies I should be feeling?


Butterflies are beautiful, exciting and magical, but they don’t last. In fact, in reality, most butterflies only live for a few weeks and then they’re gone forever. Granted the butterflies Chloe gives me have lasted a lot longer than that as I’ve been admiring her from not very far for a year, but now I finally have a chance to date her, I’m not going to rush into something that dies after only a few weeks. Not when I want more. More time with her, more of her smiles, more of her sing-song laughter, more Chloe. And much, much more than butterflies.

Butterflies is a spicy sapphic novella with omnisexual and lesbian BIPOC main characters, demisexual and demiromantic representation, and a pleasure Domme who makes her sub count her many, many Os… sometimes in public. For 18+ readers only.

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