Call of the Moon

By C. A. Hall

Losing to her wolf isn't an option.

Milly’s spent the better part of her adult life fighting her wolf. Either by locking herself in during the full moon or by finding a willing partner, Milly’s done whatever she can to keep her shifting under control. Unfortunately, finding someone who can sate her wolf has been hard, if not impossible.

So when a brunette overhears her story at the local bar and offers to help, Milly’s wolf takes notice.

Jade’s smart, beautiful, and would make the perfect partner. She’s also very human.

Accepting Jade’s offer could get Milly into a lot of trouble, but with the full moon right around the corner, her fear of losing control takes over.

Can Milly trust her beast enough to give Jade a chance? Or is she better off with the locks and chains to keep her and everyone else safe?

Call of the Moon is a paranormal lesbian romance full of sexual tension, two amazing women, a feisty wolf determined to get her way, and a happily ever after.

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