Captain Caiterina O’Creagh

By Shiralyn J. Lee

Caiterina O’Creagh—an Irish girl destined not to be treated as a beaten wife, or a husbandless mother.

A girl who turns into a woman—a leader and a fearful one at that. She sails the ship—The Black Liberty, loots from Galleons that she and her crew swarm aboard and kill all who have dared fight her. She is heartless, powerful—perhaps a little insane even but you would have to be—to be a pirate.

Elizabeth Bromley, or rather more commonly known as Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Bromley of Bolingbroke. Elizabeth is betrothed to Lord Rippringham, Earl of York, an engagement that she is none too pleased about but her father has made great standing in his social circle, and it is expected of his daughter to do as she is told. Elizabeth’s life is soon about to change and so is her love interest.

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