Caught With Zeus

The Queens Of Olympus Series, Book 1

By Arizona Tape

As the new Zeus, Alexa is expected to create scandal

Duty bound, hard-working, and painfully honest, Alexa is giving her all now that she’s the new Zeus. Unfortunately, her ambition and drive is a threat to the Titans who rule over her. If she wants to hold onto her job, she’ll have to trick them into believing she’s harmless.

The solution? A fake relationship for the cameras with her best friend Daphne in the hopes of convincing the Titans, the intrusive paparazzi, and the world that the god of gods is preoccupied with romance and drama. But the longer the ruse goes on, the more confusing it gets.

Can Alexa and Daphne maintain their friendship or will their feelings get in the way?
Caught With Zeus is a fantasy twist on the classic Greek mythology about Zeus with an f/f romance. It’s a standalone in the Queens of Olympus series following various heroines in classic Greek God and Goddess retellings.

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