Chain Reaction

The Fox County Forensics Series, Book 4

By Cara Malone

The chemistry is off the charts in the latest romantic suspense in the bestselling Fox County Forensics series.

Hardworking chemist Dylan and quiet-but-quirky histologist Elise are inseparable. Instant best friends ever since they joined the medical examiner’s team, they fancy themselves matchmakers around the office—and they’re blind to what’s right in front of them.

Focusing on the lab work that’s been piling up ever since a tornado hit the city, Dylan and Elise are the only two in the office who can’t see how in love they are.

But when danger comes knocking and Dylan has a close encounter with the Rideshare Stalker who’s been terrorizing Fox County, everything changes.

Life is short, true love is a gift, and the world is about to find out just how loud Elise can get—and how far she’ll go to save the woman she loves.

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