Changing Gears

By L A Wright

Will love's ups and downs be worth the ride?

When Jen embarks on a scenic cycling tour in France, she never expects to have her life upended by Abi, a captivating Scottish travel writer with a magnetic personality. Their whirlwind two weeks together challenges everything Jen knows, leaving her questioning her conservative upbringing, her future as a private school teacher in Sydney, and her identity.

Despite her best efforts to return to her old life, she can’t shake the thought of Abi and the life they might have had together. As if her internal struggle wasn’t enough, Jen finds herself at the center of a heated conflict when a student in her English class falls victim to homophobic bullying. Ignoring her instincts to stay out of the drama, she risks everything to defend her student and stand up for what’s right.

Just when things seem to be at their most chaotic, Abi reappears and Jen must face her toughest decision yet. Will she have the courage to embrace love and acceptance, even if it means going against her family and losing her job? With so much on the line, will Jen find the courage to be true to herself, no matter the consequences?

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