Changing Leaves

By Edie Bryant

In this heartwarming, steamy novella Edie Bryant takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster toward happily ever after.

Gina hasn’t always made the best choices, there are people in her past that she’s deeply hurt. One of those people being Jess, her best friend who she’d completely lost contact with. Though she never stopped thinking of her, she could never bring herself to reach out after the shame of what she’d done to her. Gina didn’t even want to come back to her hometown in fear of running into Jess, but she had to take care of her mother who is ill with cancer.

But fate and a kitten brings them together again, meeting for the first time in years. The connection is clearly still there between them, but will Jess be able to forgive Gina in her time of need? As the change in seasons brings color to the autumn leaves, will it also bring a drastic change in both of their lives?

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