Chase Me

By Natasha West

Some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed.

For Beth Carmichael, an altruistic doctor with a tendency to be overly rational when it comes to her love life, today is that day. Because when Gracie Bloom walks into her exam room with a fractured arm, Beth knows two things. Firstly, Gracie is molten hot. Secondly, she’s trouble.

And Beth is right on the money. Because Gracie is a con artist, ripping off rich people whenever she gets the chance. And after she meets the doctor with the heart of gold and far too much good sense to go to bed with her, Gracie makes the worst mistake of her life, a mistake that will mean she must run from some very dangerous people… Or die. After accidentally dragging the good doctor into the mess, Beth and Gracie end up on the lam together, trying to figure out how to get back to the lives they knew. But are they gone for good? And if they could find their way back, can overly rational Beth and street-smart Gracie find anything in common besides raw sexual attraction?

Chase Me is a witty romantic comedy with a healthy dose of thrills from the author of The Plus One and By Any Other Name.

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