Chasing Liberty

By Isabella

A cop and a lawyer meet-up by accident, literally and sparks fly!

Liberty “Libby” Chase’s name an explosion of patriotism from her military father and her yuppie, free-loving mother. Her name emerged from a drug-induced haze her parents floated through the night she was conceived. Life threw her a curve ball when she was born with fiery red hair and a too-tall gene, striking an intimidating figure. It’s perfect, however, for her personality and for her line of work: a hard-nosed cop with a wicked sense of humor.

Morgan Pierce is a corporate lawyer who has mapped out the path her life will take. So far, it’s working out as planned, and she is on track to make partner in her firm. That all-but-certain end is called into question when an unexpected revelation rocks her world off its axis. Perhaps it was inevitable, but now she must come to terms with a lifestyle change that will upend everything—and everyone—in her world.

When a fatal car crash with suspicious origins makes it clear that Morgan’s life is in danger, these two women from different worlds must work together to figure out who wants Morgan dead…and why.

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