The My Day One Series, Book 1

By Aunt Georgia Lee

'Tis so sweet to love the Lord and the woman I can't let go!

Cheryl Rose Campbell is on a course of redemption and hopeful reconciliation with a woman who stole her heart over praise and worship. Cheryl, a celebrated contemporary gospel singer, knew the moment she created her first song with Tabitha Scott that the music director and aspiring minister had the power to break down her walls.

Cheryl had been wearing a mask for years, in fear that her real self would not only destroy her successful career but would threaten her family’s safety. American-born but of Nigerian descent, Cheryl’s mother migrated to the U.S. with her teenage son, Ayodele, carrying Cheryl in her womb. Their mother’s love was strong and unwavering as she gave up everything she owned, including her career as a principal, to seek asylum in America. Because of Ayodele’s mother, Cheryl’s brother was saved from persecution in a Nigerian prison or death by stoning for identifying and living as a yan daudu, a “man who acts like a woman.”

Young Cheryl grew up in fear of the repercussions of such a fate, even in America. The Black Church might not beat the lesbian out of her, but Cheryl knew her career would suffer if she were open about her sexuality like Christian artists such as Whitney James.

But the price of her secret included the loss of Tabitha Scott. Until one day, Cheryl decided it was time to take a walk in faith. When she convinces Tabitha to help her with her latest album, Cheryl hopes that this reunion will include rekindling a love she’s never forgotten.

Will Tabitha walk down memory lane with Cheryl and trust the woman who broke her heart? Find out as their story unfolds in Book One of the My Day One series.

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