Christmas at Bergfels Palace

By Claudia Haase

An unexpected encounter, confusion, and butterflies in the stomach ...

Charlotte Weinhold has a degree in history and is striving to complete her Ph.D. Her earnings from a newspaper job keep her just above water. When the editor-in-chief demands insider news about the Count of Bergfels-Blumenheide and his family, on whom she is writing her dissertation, she sees this as an opportunity to obtain previously unpublished documents at the same time.

Arriving in Bergfels, she unexpectedly gets a job in the only café in town – its owner is not only attractive but also happens to be the best friend of the Count’s publicity-shy daughter. What a unique opportunity to get the desired internal information about the Count’s family without much effort!

Countess Ida doesn’t care about her title. She lives in a city apartment and works for a non-profit children’s aid organization. When her father asks her to take over an archival tour of Bergfels Palace in his place, she agrees. In return, this gives her an excuse to spend the approaching Christmas holidays away from the Count’s clan.

But everything turns out quite differently than either Charlotte or Ida could ever have imagined.

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