Christmas in Miracle Valley

By A. J. Marchant

What happens when Santa's daughter falls in love with a human?

Juniper Kringle is next in line to take over the family business. Her life’s goal, her legacy, is to sit next to her father in the sleigh on Christmas Eve, and to one day take the reins. Twenty-eight years old now and her dream is so close. All she needs to do is get through the last few weeks of the traditional Kringle Solo Trip. So far, it’s been uneventful. But then car trouble lands her in the middle of nowhere in outback Australia, in a place called Miracle Valley. A place that seems to have forgotten all about Christmas; an oddity so helpfully pointed out by the ever unhelpful head elf, Humphrey, during one of his unpredictable pop-in visits.

Belle has lived her whole life in Miracle Valley, serving the community as a kind of Jill of all trades. The local mechanic. National Park Ranger. Bartender. A helping hand around the inn run by her uncles, and caretaker for her grandmother who has dementia. Another year is drawing to an end when a stranger turns up and pokes her nose in to the Christmas goings-on around town, or lack thereof. This sets off a chain of events that helps Belle confront her past, bringing joy and celebration back to not only her own life, but to the town as well.

Christmas in Miracle Valley is a fun, feel-good story about meeting the person who sparks something special deep inside of you. It’s a story filled with laughter, magic, snow, and mistletoe. A goofy groodle named Jackson with an absurd amount of toys. A surly elf named Humphrey who is nothing but mischief and mayhem. A group of grey-haired friends lovingly nicknamed the Busy Bodies for all their gossip and good-intentioned meddling. It has romance, comedy, and best of all, it’s packed full of everything Christmas.

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