Christmas with the CEO

By Kaya LaSalle

When she came home for the holidays, Ivy wasn't planning on falling in love with the new CEO in town...

Going back to her sleepy hometown of Cascade Falls isn’t high on Ivy Ferguson’s list of priorities, but when her big-city dreams dry up she decides to stay with her family for Christmas. It seems like nothing has changed since she left…until she hears about the wealthy CEO who has taken up residence in town.

All Allie Moore wants is some peace and quiet. She’s built a life for herself in Cascade Falls, and she’s happy with things just the way they are. But when a brash (and beautiful) woman comes storming into her office one day, Allie finds herself reevaluating things.

Sparks fly between the two women, and Ivy swears the CEO is out to make her life miserable. But as she reluctantly spends more time around Allie, she wonders if she might have been too quick to judge the other woman.

With a little help from the rest of the town, can Ivy and Allie find the spirit of the season–and maybe fall in love along the way?

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