Chrome Painted Heart

The Hopeful Hearts Series, Book 1

By B.W. Hope

Life is too short to let love pass you by.

Spencer had always dreamed of being a mechanic like her father. The day he made her a partner in the family business was one of the proudest moments of her life. Life, as far as she was concerned, was good. Unfortunately, it had other plans in store for her. The sudden death of her father leaves Spencer alone and uncertain, crippled with the heartache of knowing that she was not there when he needed her the most. Courtney is doing her best to live a quiet and isolated life away from the world, her existence only known to others by the artwork she puts on display. She pours her guilt and grief onto her canvas firmly establishing herself as a mysterious recluse. It is a reputation she proudly displays just as openly as she does her paintings. Everything changes the moment Spencer discovers a painting in the local gallery that deeply resonates within her. The more she views it, the more she wonders – is it the abstraction of the painting or the mystery of the artist that makes her heart flutter? The answer leads her down a path she never could have imagined bringing an unassuming artist into the fray. Can Spencer and Courtney help each other find the courage to let go of their grief-stricken pasts and move forward together? Or will the heavy burden of grief make it impossible to find love again?

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