Cinderella: Princess of Blood

The Kingdoms of Moon and Blood Series, Book 1

By Alana Archer

Cinderella thought she was trapped forever - until a vampire caught her in their sights...

Cinderella never thought she’d get out from under her step-mother’s captivity. Until a vampire caught her in their sights…

I used to have a future. My father was going to leave his trading company to me one day, but then he died, leaving me in the care of my step-mother, who forced me to sign away my rights to the company and has kept me locked away as her servant for the past decade.

I thought my future was gone, but then a fortune-teller told me that I have a soulmate – someone who needs me to save them – and they’re running out of time.

Now I’m dreaming of a strange girl, and despite every rational thought, I know that the fortune-teller is right, and I have to find a way out from under my step-mother’s thumb to help my soulmate.

Maybe this invitation to the Princess’s ball will be my ticket out of here…

Cinderella: Princess of Blood is the first in the Kingdoms of Moon and Blood series, a series of F/F fairytale retellings featuring vampires, werewolves and witches.

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