Claire of Katera

The Shadowsoul Series, Book Prequel

By J.D Evergreen

In a world of enslavement 1408 is burning to fight back

Unleash the Hero Within. Join Claire on a Journey of Resilience, Rebellion, and Redemption in ‘Claire of Katera.

Within the mystical realm of Katera, a courageous young woman named Claire, known as 1408, yearns for freedom from her captors who hold her in their clutches.

Imprisoned and yearning for a better world, Claire’s path intersects with the intriguing Melton, whose mesmerizing stories ignite a flicker of hope within her. Fuelled by the desire to break free from the tyrannical reign of Darkmor, the self-proclaimed emperor of Shadowsoul, Claire embarks on a treacherous journey. Darkmor, a formidable sorcerer, will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on the underworld and the souls he has ensnared.

Haunted by an impending gladiator match, Claire defies the scarlet guards, risking her own safety to protect her fellow prisoners. Her unwavering determination to fight for justice pushes the boundaries, stirring the anger of her captors. With every act, Claire defies the odds, becoming a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of adversity.

In this enthralling tale of resilience and unwavering spirit, J.D. Evergreen weaves a captivating narrative that unveils Claire’s heroic journey before the events of Katera Rising. Experience the depths of her determination and witness her unyielding hope as she battles against overwhelming challenges, lighting a path of courage and inspiration for readers throughout “Claire of Katera.”

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