Close Ups And Mess Ups

By Natasha West

Plunged into the deep-end at a top film school, wannabe movie-maker Allie Parker is determined to take time out from chasing the ladies and focus on film. But that’s not so easy when distractions abound.

Distractions like sexy set-designer Ashley and sensitive screenwriter Cameron, turning Allie’s world upside down as she questions whether ambition and authenticity can ever go hand-in-hand.

Can Allie keep the drama on the screen and out of her life? And in the high-pressure atmosphere of film school, can she hang on to who she is or will she mess everything up?

From the author of ‘Waiting for the Punchline’ and ‘The Plus One’, ‘Close Ups and Mess Ups’ is about risking everything for what – and who – you love.

*Formerly known as ‘Close Ups and F-ups.’

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