Coming Out on the Field

By Sam Kestrel

A coming out age-gap love story with a cast of softball players and plenty of steam.

Dee needed to get out from under her controlling parents, even if only for a couple of hours a week. She signed up for softball, clueless to that fact that the Toaster Ovens was a team of out lesbians ten years her senior.

Being around the team sparked a familiar feeling inside of Dee, one that blossomed into an awaking of her true identity. Coming out to a teammate leads to sparks in the bedroom. But hurt feelings soon follow, and Dee struggles to play on a team with Sara whom she likes but can’t be with.

Dee’s parents force her to make a choice, one that requires her to ask for help from the one person she doesn’t want to face. Can she reach out to Sara? And if she does, how will it be to stay, even for a night, at the home of her first crush?

A lesbian romance novella that will raise the temperature in the room.

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