Commanded by Night

An F/F Fpreg Omegaverse Vampire Romance

The Vampires of Crescent City, Book 1

By Zelda Knight

I’m Veronica Espinoza, a shifter zoologist living in Crescent City

I worked hard for my degree and enjoyed my job until I ran into a paranormal I couldn’t place into a neat box.

In the slums of Crescent City, I studied shifters, vampires, and magicians to find the origins of TV3, a virus that turns humans into creatures of the night.

But when my partner, a lycan doctor, comes across a rare blood-borne shifter disease, I know there’s only one being who can discover the truth–my ex, Jasmine, a powerful vampire heiress to the largest blood bank in town.

Once bitten, twice shy. I know I shouldn’t give my heart to her again to manipulate, even if it means finding a cure. But I need Jasmine’s help and have craved her touch ever since the night she saved me from being turned.

There’s only a matter of time before forces beyond my control command me to submit to the queen of the night. But will love or bloodlust win out during our deadly game of cat and mouse?

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