Confessions: Part 1

The Confessions Series, Book 1

By Victoria Fletcher

Angsty, Bisexual, Coming of Age Romance

Love can happen when you least expect it and come from the person you least expected. Maxine is Twenty-Two and Bisexual but no one knows her secret. Does Maxine have the courage to live the life she loves?

Life is about choices. Maxine wasn’t allowed to make her own. She hadn’t dared to live all her life. As a college student far away from her parents and her hometown, she is free to be herself and have fun- lots of fun, with Will and Simone; but at what cost? Her whole life is planned out. She doesn’t control it. Will is the man she should choose but a fiery free spirited woman comes into her life and changes everything. What will she do when her secret is uncovered and she has to come out to her parents and the world? Can she choose what is best for herself? If she can figure out what that is first.

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