Copper Throne

The Mapmaking Magicians Series, Book 3

By Emma Sterner-Radley

Fate has dealt all its cards and now it’s time for our mapmakers to see how they can be played.

Avelynne, Eleksander, Hale, and Sabina are on their way back to Cavarra. They’re bringing home extraordinary experiences, found friends, new information, and bushels of grief and guilt. Not to mention their mysterious golden magic. However, foremost in their minds are the king’s lethal lies and secrets, which will have to be faced now as everything comes to a head.

Sadly, the revolution, the plague of the silver beasts, the unknown creature in the lake, and the enigmatic spell that suffocates Cavarra aren’t the four mapmaking magicians only issues. They must face who they are and what they wish to do with their futures. Not to mention their increasingly complex love lives. Do these four choose the paths set out for them? Or do they throw away conventions and forge new roads? All options come with a cost, but some costs will always be worth paying. As long as death doesn’t take away their opportunity to choose.

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