The Love Cynics Anonymous Series, Book 3

By L.M. Bennett

Wine Snob Meets Food Snob

Meet Nola Hughes, a top-notch wine sommelier at the brand new fusion restaurant Kore-Southern Comfort, who’s all about precision and perfection. Nola’s tightly controlled world gets rocked by Langston Mensah, a tough food critic whose harsh review could ruin Nola’s career. When Nola’s perfectionist boss reads Langston’s scathing review, she tells Nola to make it right–or else.

Imagine the heat in the kitchen as Nola, our by-the-book sommelier, finds herself drawn to the very critic who’s complicating her life. Every moment they spend together peels back layers of Nola’s personality, pushing her to explore uncharted territories of love, trust, and, let’s not forget, her dedication to the perfect wine.

Will Nola and Langston discover that love is just as unpredictable and exhilarating as a blind wine tasting?

“Corked!” is a toast to the unpredictable paths of the heart, set against the rich backdrop of the culinary world.

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